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November 25 2006

As a group last season, pitchers got more at-bats for the Phils than David Dellucci or Mike Lieberthal.  More than Chris Coste and Jeff Conine combined.  And the Phillies' pitchers just can't hit.

They're among the worst in the league with the bat.  Myers and Lieber carried more than their share of the load on the road to suckdom.  Myers was 2-for-63 (.032) with two singles.  Lieber was 5-for-53 (.094) and struck out 28 times (he's 12-for-126 over the last two seasons).  Gavin Floyd went 1-for-23 in '06 and he may have looked worse than any of the other Phils' pitchers at the dish.

Here's a look at what the Phillies' pitchers did at the plate as a group last season:

Phillies' pitchers, 2006
316 29 4 1 0 092 150 111 260

The 260 OPS was 15th in the league.  Only Milwaukee's pitchers produced less offense using OPS as the measure.

The Phillies' pitchers drove in 11 runs, which was tied with the Mets and the Nationals for the fewest in the league.

They struck out 142 times, second-highest behind just the Pirates.

The one thing they did do is walk. The 22 walks they drew was the most in the league.

If you had a dream of Carlos Lee as a Phil, it's back to life, back to reality.  Lee goes to Houston for six years, $100 million.

An article here about Coste's wild ride through baseball.

The Giants are in on the David Weathers hunt.

Rod Barajas to Toronto looks like it's getting close to done.

The Mariners may be pursuing Adam Eaton. 

The Rockies are one of many teams besides the Philliles that have expressed interest in Randy Wolf.

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