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November 19 2006

The Cubs look to be the winner of the Alfonso Soriano sweepstakes.  "Winner" in this context meaning the team he'll be playing for.

Numerous reports, including this one, suggest that the Cubs will sign Soriano to an eight-year deal worth $136 million, or about $17 million a year.

So much for the East Coast.

According to the article linked above Soriano will 1) hit leadoff and 2) play center field, which is surprising to me given that he 1) doesn't get on base particularly well, 2) hit 46 home runs last year and 3) doesn't play center field.  The center field thing seems like it could truly be a disaster.

We'll see.

November 19 2006

The Daily News suggests that Adam Eaton is the Phillies' second choice to round out their rotation behind Randy Wolf.  Eaton was a former first round pick of the Phillies -- they took him 11th overall in 1996.  In 1999 the Phils traded him to the Padres along with Carlton Loewer and Steve Montgomery in the deal that brought Andy Ashby to Philadelphia.

Ashby started just 16 games for the Phils in 2000, going 4-7 with a 5.68 ERA before being dealt to the Braves for Bruce Chen and Jimmy Osting. 

The righty Eaton missed time last season coming off of finger surgery and was 7-4 with a 5.12 ERA for the Rangers.  He allowed 11 home runs in 65 innings.  Lefties, who hit .320 against him, hit eight of the 11 bombs.  He hasn't gone deep into games of late.  Last season he went five or fewer innings in six of his 13 starts. 

On the plus side he had back-to-back 11 win seasons in '04-'05 and went 9-12 with a 4.08 ERA with the Padres in 2003.  In 2004 he allowed just 52 walks in 199 1/3 innings , or 2.35 walks per nine innings, which was tied for ninth best in the NL.  Over his seven-year career Eaton has gone 54-45 with a 4.40 ERA, allowing 865 hits in 861 innings.

The Daily News article suggests that the third choice for the Phils behind Wolf and Eaton may be Miguel Batista.  And if you're wondering where you can find the CD where Batista makes his musical debut playing the Native American flute, look no further.

The Phillies are also thought to have interest in David Weathers.  The 37-year-old Weathers has thrown to an ERA under four in each of the past two seasons.

Is the Wes Helms deal growing on anyone else?  I'm liking it better after a couple of days.  What worries me most is that it's such a gamble at a position where the organization is so weak.  Helms apparently wanted to come to Philadelphia and even chose the Phils over the Yankees despite the fact he may have made more money (and gotten fewer at-bats) with New York.

The winner of the NL-MVP will be announced tomorrow.

The Mets may be close to signing Moises Alou.  Sigh.

This article suggests the White Sox may be close to trading Jon Garland and further speculates the Rangers might be their trading partner.

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