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October 29 2006

Ready or not, there's more good Gavin Floyd news out of the Arizona Fall League.  Floyd tossed four scoreless innings for the Saguaros in a losing effort as the Big Cacti fell to the Scottsdale Scorpions 3-1.  The Saguaros record drops to 7-9. 

After four appearances in the AFL, Floyd's overall numbers are still awful: 0-1 with a 6.35 ERA.  He's put up two straight excellent outings, though, allowing just one hit and one walk while pitching seven scoreless inning.  His awful numbers come from the one outing of the four that he was blown up in oh-so-familiar fashion, on October 16 he allowed seven runs in 1 2/3 innings.  He's allowed just one run in his other three games.

Zack Segovia also pitched in yesterday's game, allowing a hit in a scoreless inning to drop his ERA to 0.93 in six appearances.

Mike Lieberthal, Randy Wolf, Aaron Fultz, Arthur Rhodes and Rick White filed for free agency.  Others, including David Dellucci, are expected to file by the November 11 deadline.  I would be thrilled to see the Phillies bring Dellucci back to get most of the time in right next year.  It's not looking so likely at this point, however.  The quote from Dellucci in the article linked above is particularly frosty.  Yikes.  I'm a big Dellucci fan, but he did have an opportunity in Philadelphia to slide into a big role after Abreu was traded.  He hit 234/357/319 in 47 September at-bats with two extra-base hits while battling a quad problem.  The Phillies have a big opening for someone in right for the first time since 1997, though, and Dellucci is a big bat looking for a home.   

Shane Victorino doesn't want to go back to the minors.  Fortunately for him it seems pretty unlikely, what with him being the second-best outfielder the Phillies have in their organization and whatnot.  Tyler Yates apparently is also from Hawaii, where I assume both he and Victorino spent their formative years doing their utmost to avoid the ancient tabu that plagued the Brady family so.

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