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September 10 2007

Using OPS as the measure, here's a look at the Phillies' top hitters by month so far this season (for players with at least 75 plate appearances through August and at least 25 in September):


Month Player OPS
April Rowand 1.084
May Utley .872
June Utley 1.116
July Burrell 1.332
August Werth 1.109
September Rowand 1.029

In May, Howard posted a 1.073 OPS in 40 at-bats and Dobbs a 1.039 OPS in 64 at-bats.  Neither of them had 75 plate appearances in May.

Howard's name is notably absent from the list.  Here's how the list for 2006 looked (for Phils' hitters with 75 plate appearances):


Month Player OPS
April Burrell 1.013
May Howard 1.018
June Howard .987
July Utley 1.229
August Howard 1.214
September Howard 1.324

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