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June 19 2007


Team W-L R R/G NL Rank R OPS (NL Rank) SB CS
CLE 40-28 365 5.37 NA 787 36 14
PHI 36-33 352 5.10 1 786 (1) 55 10


Team W-L RA RA/G NL Rank RA Starter ERA Pen ERA
CLE 40-28 319 4.69 NA 4.65 3.87
PHI 36-33 354 5.13 14 4.73 (14) 4.78 (14)

The Phils went back to Ohio last night but their city was gone.  There was no train station.  There was no downtown.  Ryan Howard had disappeared (at least until the sixth inning).

Cliff Lee, ironically voted least likely to hold the Phillies to a run on five hits over seven innings by his high school class, held the Phillies to a run on five hits over seven innings.  It must have been a nice moment for him.  Lee came into the game with a 6.04 ERA on the season.

Ugly start to the series with the Indians as Cleveland rocked.  10-1.  Phils drop to 36-34 and have lost three of four against the tough teams atop the AL Central. 

Cole Hamels got the start for the Phillies and got blown up.  He went five innings, allowing six runs on eight hits.  Three of the hits went for extra-bases, two doubles and a home run.  He struck out four and didn't walk a batter.

In the first, Grady Sizemore led off with a bunt single and stole second.  The bunt single to start the game may have flummoxed Hamels, cause things went downhill from there.  Josh Barfield singled to right and Sizemore moved to third.  Casey Blake hit a ground ball to second.  Sizemore scored to put Cleveland up 1-0 with Barfield forced at second.  Hamels struck out Victor Martinez for the second out of the inning, but Jhonny Peralta doubled to center.  Blake scored from first to make it 2-0 as Peralta was thrown out going for a triple.

Former Phil Jason Michaels singled to start the second.  Hamels struck out Ryan Garko for the first out, but Franklin Gutierrez followed and sent Michaels to third with a single into right.  Kelly Shoppach was next and he hit a towering drive into left center that looked like it bounced off the very top of the wall and back onto the field.  They called it a home run, but it was hard to tell.  Rowand ran in from center to argue with the third base ump.  Unmoved.  5-0.  Hamels struck out Sizemore and got Barfield on a fly ball to center to end the inning.

Martinez singled with one out in the third, but Peralta followed and hit into a double-play.

After a 1-2-3 fourth, Sizemore doubled off the wall in left with one out in the fifth.    Sizemore stole third and came in to score on a sac fly to right by Barfield.  6-0.  Blake was hit by a pitch after Helms was hit in the top of the inning.  Martinez popped to first to end the inning.

Geary started the sixth with the Phils down 6-1.  With one out he walked Michaels and hit Garko with a pitch.  Gutierrez struck out for the second out.  Shoppach doubled to left, Michaels scored.  7-1.  Garko went to third and the Phils walked Sizemore intentionally to load the bases.  Barfield singled into left.  Werth stumbled and dropped the ball, but two runs probably would have scored anyway.  9-1.  Blake grounded out to short to end the inning.  Last at-bat of the night for Blake, so his 26-game hitting streak bites the dust.

Brian Sanches started the seventh and got the first two before Michaels homered to left to put Cleveland up 10-1.  Sanches struck out Garko to end the inning.

Sanches returned to pitch the eighth.  He walked Sizemore after getting the first two, but Barfield flew to center to end the inning. 

You're going to have a tough time winning a lot of games where you score one run, but it doesn't change the fact that the pen has been miserable.  Over the last four games they have allowed 14 runs in 11 2/3 innings, 13 of which have been earned (10.03 ERA).

It's time to worry about Geary, who should be one of the stabilizing forces in a chaotic pen.  He hasn't been.  After getting hit hard last night he's allowed runs in four straight appearances, surrendering ten runs, seven of which were earned, in his last 2 1/3 innings.  He threw 33 pitches last night, so we won't be seeing him for a day or so (one would hope).  His ERA is 5.06 on the season.

The Phillies' lineup against lefty Cliff Lee went (1) Rollins (2) Victorino (3) Utley (4) Howard (5) Rowand (6) Werth (7) Helms (8) Nunez (9) Ruiz.  Howard at DH, Helms at first and Werth in left.  Burrell on the bench against a lefty, which is always a bad decision no matter how awful he's look at the plate of late.  Rowand back in center after leaving Sunday's game with a leg cramp. 

With one out in the first, singles by Victorino and Utley put runners on first and third for Howard.  Howard struck out.  Rowand struck out.  That was that. 

1-2-3 second, third and fourth, as Cliff Lee no doubt started to wonder who to talk to about a trade to the NL.  Barfield made a great diving play to start the fourth, robbing Utley of a single.

Werth started the fifth with a single and Helms was hit by a pitch.  Nunez hit a ground ball to short and Cleveland forced Helms at second for the first out.  With men on first and third and one down, Ruiz struck out.  Okie dokie.  How 'bout a team meeting or something?  Intervention?  Motivational speaker who comes in to talk about the time he came up with a runner on third and one out and didn't strike out?  It's brainstorming, people, there are no bad ideas (possible exception:  Burrell on the bench against a lefty in a DH game).  Rollins was hit by a pitch to load the bases.  Victorino had a long at-bat and finally slapped a ball that looked headed for right, but Martinez jumped for it a first and snared it to set the Phils down. 

Howard homered to right with one out in the seventh.  6-1.  Rowand followed and nearly hit one out himself, but Gutierrez caught it jumping up against the wall.  Werth struck out.

Helms singled to start the seventh but Nunez followed and hit into a double-play.  Ruiz hit it well but Sizemore tracked it down in center to end the frame.

With one out in the eighth, Victorino was hit by a slow-moving slopball from Aaron Fultz.  Dobbs pinch-hit for Utley and struck out.  Howard singled to right and Victorino moved to second.  Rowand grounded to third to end the frame.

Werth started the ninth with a single to right.  Helms followed and struck out for the first out.  Nunez singled Werth to second.  Ruiz hit a ground ball between short and third and Mike Rouse fielded and took the only play he had, throwing Werth out at third for the second out.  Bourn slapped a single into left, loading the bases with two down, but Victorino grounded to third to end the game. 

The Phils had nine hits, eight singles and Howard's home run.

Rollins was 0-for-2.

Victorino 1-for-3.

Utley 1-for-3.

Howard 2-for-4 with number 15 on the year. 

Rowand 0-for-4 and left four men on base.

Werth 2-for-4.

Helms 1-for-3.

Nunez 1-for-4.

Ruiz 0-for-4 and left four men on base.

Bourn was 1-for-2.

Kyle Kendrick (0-0, 4.50) faces lefty Jason Stanford (1-0, 1.50) tonight.  Tough spot for Kendrick, just up from Double-A, against the hard-hitting Indians.  If they set the over-under for his innings pitched at 3 1/2, you're on your own.  If you go down to Jacobs Field right now you might find someone warming in the pen for the Phils.  Kendrick was good in his only start of the year for the Phils, holding the White Sox to three runs on six hits and two walks and seeming to settle down a bit after allowing three runs in his first three innings.  He was very good at preventing the home run at Double-A, allowing just three in 81 1/3.  He didn't allow a long ball his first time out, hopefully he continues the trend.  Stanford is a 30-year-old lefty who has made one start for the Indians this season, holding the Marlins to a run on six hits over six innings and getting the win in Florida on Thursday.  He got starts with the Indians in 2003 and 2004 as well.  Over his career he's thrown to a 2.96 ERA in 67 innings, allowing less than a hit an inning (66 hits) and just five home runs.  Aaron Rowand is the only Phil who has faced him.  0-for-2.

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