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June 1 2007

Lots of things wrong with the Phillies these days, but the offense can't be at the top of anyone's list.  The Phils continue to lead the NL in runs scored, so it's got to be the pitching.  And it is.  One of the problems is that a lot of guys are having trouble keeping the ball in the yard at Citizens Bank Park.

Overall for the season, Phillies' pitchers have allowed an NL-worst .799 OPS.  Only two teams in the DL-loving American League have allowed opponents' hitters to post a higher OPS.  Partly this is the fault of Citizens Bank Park and partly it's the fault of Phillies' pitchers.  Phils' hurlers have allowed an .831 OPS at home (worst in the NL and 29th of 30 MLB teams) and a .766 on the road (12th in the NL and 20th in MLB).

Opponents are slugging a ridiculous .489 against the Phils at home.  Worst in the NL by a lot.  The Reds are second-worst and opponents have slugged .450 against them at the Great American Ball Park.  The .489 that opponents have slugged against the Phils at home is the worst in all of baseball.

In 237 innings at home, the Phillies have allowed 43 home runs.   In 238 innings on the road, they have allowed 22.  The 43 bombs at home is the most in either league.  In the NL, the Reds have allowed the second-most home runs at home with 36.

At home this season, Moyer, Garica, Geary, Myers, Eaton, Hamels and Madson have combined to allow 36 home runs in 168 2/3 innings.  Those same seven guys have combined to allow 15 home runs in 174 innings on the road:




Moyer 30.2 7 Moyer 41.2 3
Garcia 29.0 6 Garcia 22.0 2
Geary 12.2 5 Geary 13.2 0
Myers 22.1 5 Myers 13.2 1
Eaton 28.2 5 Eaton 31.0 4
Hamels 33.1 5 Hamels 41.1 5
Madson 12.0 3 Madson 10.2 0
Total 168.2 36 174 15

It's even worse if you take out Hamels and Eaton, who have combined to allow just one more home run (10) at home than on the road (9).  Moyer, Garcia, Geary, Myers and Madson have combined to allow 26 home runs at home and just six away.

There are a couple of guys in that group whose numbers at home and on the road are particularly dramatic:




Player G IP HR ERA Ratio Op Slg G IP HR ERA Ratio Op Slg
Moyer 5 30.2 7 5.58 1.40 .580 6 41.2 3 3.24 1.08 .358
Garcia 5 29.0 6 4.66 1.62 .556 4 22.0 2 4.50 1.18 .451
Geary 13 12.2 5 6.39 1.66 .712 12 13.2 0 1.32 0.95 .200

Moyer and Geary have significantly better ERAs on the road than at home.  For Garcia the road ERA is only slightly better, but the ratio and opponents' slugging are much better.

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