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February 26 2007

Here's a look at how Freddy Garcia has gotten his outs over the past three seasons and for his career:

04 3.81 227 212 184 623 36 34 30
05 3.87 305 224 146 675 45 33 22
06 4.53 236 273 135 644 37 42 21
Career 4.01 1919 1712 1202 4833 40 35 25

Yes, the fact that his strikeouts have been going down while his ERA has been going up doesn't really make you feel all warm and fuzzy.  I don't really think it's as bad as all that, though.  Even if he has been slightly off the last three years, his starting point was as among the best pitchers in the American League.  It's possible that he's gotten slightly less effective while remaining a very good pitcher.  He was in the top five in the AL in strikeouts as recently as 2004.

Garcia's best year was with the Mariners in 2001.  That season he went 18-6 with a 3.05 ERA in 34 starts.  He was an All-Star and finished third in the voting for AL Cy Young behind Roger Clemens and Mark Mulder.  Here's how he got his outs that season:

01 3.05 320 231 163 714 45 32 23

In terms of the percentages, his '05 season was remarkably similar to his 2001 season.

The one thing that may be concerning was the number of fly balls he allowed in 2006.  His ratio of ground out to airs outs was the worst of his career last season, and with it came a career high in home runs allowed.  In 2006 he allowed 32 home runs in 216 1/3 innings.  By comparison, in 2001 he allowed just 16 home runs in 238 2/3 innings.  On the other hand, in 2001 he got to pitch in an extreme pitchers' park in Safeco field.  Over the last two and a half year with the White Sox his yard has definitely given the hitters an advantage. 

Overall, I don't think there's much reason to worry about Garcia.  It's a positive sign that after eight seasons in the American League he hasn't posted an ERA above 4.53.  He's also won at least 14 games in a season five times, including 2005 and 2006.

This article points out that Ottawa may not been seen as an ideal location to play baseball by some players.

Scott Linebrink doesn't think he would look good in red.

The Phillies signed four pitchers to minor league contracts out of a tryout camp, lefties Jake Ociesa and Corey Willey and righties Mike McTamney and Jason Wylie. The Brockton Rox were excited to acquire McTamney's rights earlier this month.

This article says the Phils are considering signing Bobby Madritsch to a minor league deal.  The 30-year-old Madritsch was waived by the Royals in September, which is hard to spin positively.

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