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February 18 2007

This article suggests that Pat Gillick is concerned, or was in the past, about where players' wives sit in relation to each other.  I'm not saying it's not true, just that I have a hard time believing it.  It's a hard meeting for me to visualize.  It seems like his time could be better spent.  On the other hand, it would explain a lot about the current state of the bullpen.  Maybe meeting with the wives is one of those things he's passed on to his assistant GM in his later years.  Like talking to the media.

All kidding aside, chemistry amongst the Phils seems much-improved since Gillick arrived.

All kidding not aside, if Adam Eaton has taught us anything it's that if you ever stab yourself in the stomach opening a DVD with a knife, lie like hell.  Your choice to go with "I stabbed myself in the stomach opening a DVD with a knife" is a life decision that will stay with you always.  Do what you can to work in a mugging or something about alien abduction on an isolated highway.  Otherwise you're gonna be on lists like this one for the rest of your career after people decide two days of the Jon-Lieber-has-a-big-truck stories are enough.

After other articles make the case that Freddy Garcia is oblivious to base-runners, Aaron Rowand now suggests that most of the time Garcia doesn't know what the score of the game is.  I'm pretty sure Rowand meant it in a good way, but it seems like a manageable amount of information to noodle.

Phillies pitchers will be working more on their hitting this spring.  They were awful last year.

Article here about Greg Dobbs.

Still hoping for the best but worried about Alfonseca.  This article points out that the Phillies did not invest a lot of money in him.  What it looks like they will invest is a roster spot for a player with a lot of question marks in an already shaky pen.

Mike Lieberthal and Randy Wolf both put in a plug for Burrell in this article, with Lieberthal suggesting Burrell needs to leave Philadelphia.

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