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February 16 2007

I really don't have anything against Yuniesky.  Or Jeremy Reed or Willie Bloomquist.  On the other hand, I didn't pitch for the Mariners last season.  If Jamie Moyer seems to have a little extra spring in his step since coming to Philadelphia, it may simply be that his mates in Seattle didn't exactly batter the ball around in '06 while Moyer was a Mariner.  In his 25 starts for Seattle, Moyer won just six games, going 6-12 with a 4.39 ERA.  In his eight starts with the Phillies, he went 5-2 with a 4.03 ERA.  In 17 more starts Moyer was credited with one win more with the Mariners than with the Phillies.  This could be a coincidence, but it's probably not.

Moyer's run support, the average number of runs his team scored per nine innings he pitched, with the Mariners was 3.43.  That was last among the 63 AL pitchers who threw 100 innings or more last season.  In his eight starts with the Phillies his run support surged to 7.54.

Among NL pitchers that threw more than 40 innings, Phillies hurlers occupied the top three spots.  Wolf's run support was 8.42, Geary's 7.59 and Moyer's 7.54.

Curiously, among pitchers that threw 140 innings or more, the Phillies' hurler that enjoyed the most run support was Jon Lieber -- he was 39th.  The Phillies only had two pitchers, Lieber and Myers, to pitch 140 or more innings last season, which is not particularly unusual these days.  Neither enjoyed exceptional run support.  Of the 49 NL pitchers that threw 140 innings or more, Lieber was 39th in run support (4.61) and Myers was 47th (4.09).  As a team, the Phillies scored 865 runs or about 5.35 per nine innings.

Below is a look at some of the Phillies pitchers from '06 and what they saw in terms of run support.  By way of comparison, among the pitchers in either league who threw enough innings to qualify, Randy Johnson saw the most run support with 7.51 runs per game and Mark Hendrickson saw the least at 3.28 runs per game.


Player Run Support
Wolf 8.42
Moyer w/PHI 7.54
Floyd 6.13
Hamels 5.98
Madson 5.76
Lidle w/PHI 5.74
Lieber 4.61
Myers 4.09
Eaton 7.75
Garcia 6.16
Moyer w/SEA 3.43

Of the guys that pitched in the AL last season, Eaton stands out as well.  The 7.75 runs per game he got was the most among AL pitchers that threw at least 40 innings.

This article says that Lieber's weight is at 243, he was at 250 last year and his playing weight is 235.  No truth to the rumor that a 24-hour cable channel is planned to offer round-the-clock coverage of Lieber's truck.

Manuel's biggest concern about the team heading into spring training is the bullpen.  Manuel also puts in a plug for Castro, who looks like a guy with a good chance to make the team.

This article mentions Geoff Jenkins, Xavier Nady and Juan Encarnacion as possible corner outfielders that might be a fit for the Phils.  Juan Encarnacion on-based .317 last season, so I hope the Phillies are getting a really, really good reliever if that's their play.  I'd be stunned if it is.

Some Yankees are down on Carl Pavano.  Rotoworld suggests if New York dumped Pavano they may be interested in Lieber.

I don't understand why the Mets don't consider Aaron Heilman for their rotation.  Heilman may be downtrodden after not getting a reserved parking space.

The Phillies agreed to contracts with Cole Hamels, Fabio Castro, Clay Condrey, Greg Dobbs, Chris Roberson and Alfredo Simon.

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