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February 3 2007

Those crazy Phillies aren't going to stop playing just cause it's snowing out your window or trying to throw a baseball at 90 miles an hour year-round is such an awful idea.  No no.  There's a review of the Phils in action in the winter leagues on the Phillies web site.

Antonio Alfonseca may be healthy as a horse, I hope he is.  But the tales of his off-season domination need to be considered along with the fact that he's thrown just 16 2/3 innings in the Dominican Winter League. 

Randall Simon can sure hit.  What he can't do is play defense, so I don't think there's much of a chance the Phillies are going to put him on their roster to start the season.

If the team goes into spring training with a pen that looks anything like it does now, there will be a lot of opportunity for inexperienced arms.  Fabio Castro, Alfredo Simon and Eude Brito all have impressive numbers in winter action.  With those guys, as much as their lack of experience you would also have to worry that Manuel would simply be unwilling to use them if they won a spot in the pen.  Geoff Geary might not survive the season if that happens.

Brett Myers worries Cole Hamels might get more strikeouts than him this season.  Myers has led the team for two straight seasons.

The Orioles signed reliever Paul Shuey. 

The Astros signed '06 Phillie Rick White.

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