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January 28 2007

This AP article says that Freddy Sanchez is a better all-around hitter than Chase Utley.  Really it does.  I can't think of a single way to defend that argument other than to say that batting average is what defines who is a better all-around hitter -- and if that's the case Sanchez is the best all-around hitter on the planet with the exception of Joe Mauer (who hit .347 to Sanchez's .344).  Norris Hopper, who I swear to you is a real person, hit .359 in his 39 at-bats with the Reds last year.  Maybe he's the best hitter on the planet.

In this article Jimmy Rollins calls Shane Victorino "probably the fastest guy on the team" -- I know I've been part of more than one discussion about who was faster between Rollins and Victorino, now we need wonder no more.  I still believe the Phillies have been a better than average baserunning team overall over the past few seasons.  I would be surprised if we see Victorino steal 20 bases this season simply because it makes so little sense to make outs in front of Utley and Howard.  And yes, Jimmy Rollins runs in front of Utley and Howard all of the time, but he doesn't make many outs in front of Utley and Howard.  Rollins is among the most effective base stealers in baseball -- he's been safe in 77 of 87 attempts over the last two seasons.

Gavin Floyd may have a shot to be the fifth starter for the White Sox.

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