January 12 2007

Here's a look at who got at-bats in the Phillies' outfield by position last season:


Left Field
Player AB % of AB OPS
Burrell 430 71 926
Dellucci 116 19 886
Victorino 33 5 867
Conine 11 2 1.000
Roberson 10 2 000
Thurston 6 <1 452
Bourn 1 <1 000
Gonzalez 1 <1 000

Burrell lost a lot of at-bats in left field.  If he was going to lose them, it's good that so many of them went to a hitter as solid as Dellucci.  I still would have like to have seen more time for Dellucci in right and less in left.  Burrell's 926 OPS while playing left is impressive, better than his 890 overall for the season.  He was 3-for-32 (.094) with 14 strikeouts as a DH and pinch-hitter.


Center Field
Player AB % of AB OPS
Rowand 402 60 739
Victorino 269 40 785
Abreu 1 <1 000

Center field was basically Aaron Rowand's job except when he was hurt, which turned out to be a lot of the time.  If he's still around this year, he's likely to miss a lot of time as well and Victorino seems to have the inside track to claiming the spot whenever Rowand moves on.  We probably shouldn't make too much of it, but it's a little odd to me that Manuel wasn't willing to give Bourn or Roberson any time in center field last season.


Right Field
Player AB % of AB OPS
Abreu 334 56 862
Conine 83 14 675
Dellucci 82 14 931
Victorino 75 13 715
Roberson 16 3 548
Bourn 5 <1 533
Hernandez 3 <1 2tms - 679

Dellucci smoked the ball while playing right field, but broke down a bit with injuries at the end of the year after the Phillies had traded away Abreu and found themselves unlikely Wild Card contestants.  Conine wound up getting too many at-bats.  In 75 at-bats Victorino hit worse than he did while playing center or left.  Let's hope it was just a coincidence.

Various Phillies and team personnel have either recently married or will marry different people, including but not limited to Survivor contestants, daughters of chocolate magnates and the like.

Chris Coste will be honored at half time of a basketball game at Concordia College. The Cobbers?

Ryan Howard has chosen Casey Close as his new agent.  Close also represents Derek Jeter and Derrek Lee.

This article suggests it's still possible that the Brewers will trade Kevin Mench or Geoff Jenkins before the season starts.  One would think that the priority for the Phillies would be the pen, but getting Shane Victorino out of right field is hopefully high on the list as well.

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